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Mr. Mboup's Class

Me!My name is Isaac Mboup. I am originally from Senegal, west Africa. Wolof is my native tongue and I learned French at a very early age. Ten years ago, I could not say a word in English to save my life and today I am living my dream, teaching the amazing scholars in the Indianapolis area. I am an ITF alum and in my second year at Marian University.
I graduated at Embry Riddle aeronautical University with a Technical Management, minor Airport Management. I love the aviation industry and during my free time I decode METAR, the coded message Pilots decipher in order to takeoff. 
My goal at Tindley Genesis is to make an indelible mark in the young mind of the students so they can understand that education is the only tool that can forge a character and give them freedom and choice.
Cell: 5139041261
Congratulations to the TGA class of 2021!