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Frequently Asked Questions


Each week, answers to questions which the administration receives from parents will be added here. If you have a question not listed here, email [email protected]



If my scholar is attending school virtually, do I need to purchase all of the supplies?

No, purchase only what your scholar will need to work from home. I would suggest you purchase pencils, a couple of folders, a couple of spiral notebooks, possibly crayons for the younger grades. I would hold off on purchasing anything else.


If my scholar is attending school virtually, do they have to wear the school uniform?



Will I be able to show up and observe in my child’s classroom?   No, you’ll need approval 24 hours in advance. If approved, you can pop in for no more than a few minutes. We are working hard to keep everyone safe.   What about day 1? No, that’s why you must come to the pick-up day so you’ll know their teacher and receive your dismissal materials. We will write their room number on their dismissal wristband and you’ll put it on them the first morning and keep it on them for 2 weeks. We will walk all K-2 scholars to their classroom on day one. We will direct all 3rd-6th grade scholars to the appropriate room.



What happens at the entry points to the school?

We will have scholars entering through two different doors. K-2 will enter through Door 8 and 3rd-6th will enter through Door 3. At the entry point, they will get a squirt of hand sanitizer, have their temperature taken at the kiosk and receive a new mask for the day. No scholar with a fever will be allowed in. They will be directed back to your car.